Program Outline



Stop Abduction was created by lifelong Rhode Island educator and entrepreneur, Brendalee Smith, as an education and physical defense solution to the increase of acts of violence occurring in Rhode Island and nationwide.  With the advent of technology both in the hands of younger viewers and those who use it to harm others, many students do not understand who a stranger is today; everyone is a ‘friend’.  Stop Abduction’s mission is to proactively protect students through education to help them avoid becoming victims of violence.  The curriculum is age-appropriate for students in kindergarten – college, and includes; how to communicate with people they know, hardly know or do not know at all.  The interactive materials, videos and practice scenarios allow students to confidently exercise the right response for in-person and online interactions. 


The impact of our success in educating a new generation of young people would literally mean saving lives and enabling young people to grow up and contribute productively to the world around us.  Stop Abduction looks at the value of a life and the benefits of what that life can become to society at large with respect to innovation and creativity.  The Stop Abduction preventative education program raises societal awareness to new dangers and equips students to live prepared. Students learn to use critical judgment when making safe choices.  Our program goals are twofold: instill life awareness tools and interrupt habits from becoming destructive lifestyles.   Ultimately, each student protected from violence and permitted to live to his or her longest and highest potential
makes for a stronger community, society and nation connected by our humanity and purpose.  


4 Point Instruction:

Our goal is for every student to enhance their learning experience through a 4 point platform.
Here, a student develops expectations for how to live protected in school, online and in their communities.
Our program drives this teaching platform through the following concepts:

1. Redefine Who A Stranger Is- with people you know, hardly know and do not know at all.

2. Validate a Gut Feeling- the world around us will not always reveal what we need to see,
especially if there is something clouding the function and effect of a gut feeling.

3. Fact or Fiction- learning how to unravel inner dialogue and interpret unspoken
communication when making choices.

4. Truth- base decisions on what you actually know with a Stop Abduction designed checklist.