Our Mission

Stop Abduction Mission Statement

Stop Abduction is a 501(c)(3) organization providing students and educators with a preventative curriculum program, which incorporates life skill instruction and physical resistance training for elementary, secondary and college students who learn how to protect themselves from people they know, hardly know or do not know at all.

Stop Abduction Purpose Statement

Stop Abduction’s mission is to prevent violence and interrupt harmful habits
from becoming destructive lifestyles to students in kindergarten through college.

At Stop Abduction, we develop preventative curriculum programs that foster a student’s social and intellectual awareness
against a potential abductor or online predator. Our comprehensive program enables students
to think and respond skillfully to a person or situation that may bring them harm.

The goal of Stop Abduction is for all students to learn how to identify and interpret their
own instinctive warning system as well as to gauge potential threats both in person and online.