Students learn to tell a trusted adult about a “strange” feeling they have when they are with someone they know, hardly know or do not know at all.
Elementary students learn how to break free from being held against their will with the “STOP IT NOW” Defense Program.
High-school and College dialogue sessions reveal areas of false security.
High School & College students are trained to break-free from a person or situation that may bring them harm.

The Stop Abduction program provides students with safeguard tools when communicating and evaluating the intentions of family members, friends, and non-friends.

Our educational program teaches students how to navigate through life experiences with adequate reasoning regarding their self-worth, confidence and overall well being.

“Education will never let us down, but a lack of it will.” -Stop Abduction Founder

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Who We Are

An education program teaching students in Kindergarten-College to live well-informed, without living in fear by confidently exercising the right response for in-person and online interactions with people they know, hardly know and do not know at all.

What We Are Doing

Teaching students who to trust for in-person and online communications through interactive materials, videos, and practice scenarios.


Our 4 Point Strategy

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Step 4

Every 40 seconds a violent act is committed against an individual in the United States. Educating our students to live protected is no longer a choice, it is a necessity.